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Bintang Bali Resort

Jalan Kartika Plaza South Kuta Beach Kuta, Indonesia Hotel
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Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
Bintang Bali Resort
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Services and amenities
  • Bar / Lounge
  • Massage
  • Massage / Beauty Centre
  • Body Treatments
  • Tennis Courts
  • Beach Soccer and Volleyball
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1.6 km
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What's around

Jalan Kartika Plaza South Kuta Beach Kuta, Indonesia

Around the Bintang Bali Resort in Kuta, Indonesia, there are several attractions, facilities, and amenities. Here are some options:

1. Kuta Beach: The hotel is just a short walk away from the famous Kuta Beach, where you can enjoy the sun, sand, and water activities.

2. Waterbom Bali: A popular water park located near the hotel, offering various slides and pools suitable for all age groups.

3. Discovery Shopping Mall: This large shopping center is adjacent to the Bintang Bali Resort, providing a wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

4. Kuta Square: A bustling area with many shops, boutiques, spas, and local markets, perfect for souvenir shopping and experiencing the local culture.

5. Beachwalk Shopping Center: Another upscale shopping complex located nearby, offering high-end stores, restaurants, and a cinema.

6. Legian Street: A vibrant street lined with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants, known for its nightlife and entertainment scene.

7. Seminyak: Just a short drive away, Seminyak offers chic beach clubs, trendy restaurants, boutique shopping, and upscale resorts.

8. Water activities: Along Kuta Beach, you can find various water sports like surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, and banana boat rides.

9. Local markets: Explore the nearby Pasar Seni traditional market or the Kuta Art Market for local crafts, artwork, clothing, and souvenirs.

10. Temples: Visit nearby temples like Pura Geriya Tanah Kilap or the iconic Hindu sea temple, Tanah Lot, which is roughly a 45-minute drive from the hotel. Note: It's always a good idea to check the availability and accessibility of specific places of interest, as they might change depending on the current circumstances or renovations.

Bintang Bali Resort

To city center1.6

About the hotel


The Bintang Bali Resort is a luxury hotel located in the popular tourist destination of Kuta, Indonesia. Here is some information about the hotel, rooms, and meals: Hotel: - The Bintang Bali Resort is situated on a spacious tropical garden, offering a tranquil and peaceful environment for guests. - The hotel features a beautiful beachfront location, allowing guests to enjoy stunning views of the Indian Ocean. - The resort offers various facilities and amenities, including several swimming pools, a fitness center, spa, restaurants, and bars. - The hotel also provides complimentary Wi-Fi access in public areas and has a 24-hour front desk. Rooms: - The Bintang Bali Resort offers a variety of room types to suit different preferences and budgets, including Deluxe Rooms, Suites, and Villas. - All rooms are tastefully decorated and equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, minibars, and private balconies or terraces. - Some rooms offer ocean views, while others overlook the lush gardens of the resort. - The suites and villas provide extra space and additional amenities such as separate living areas and private plunge pools. Meals: - The resort has several dining options to cater to different tastes and cuisines. - Taman Ayun Restaurant offers a buffet breakfast and a la carte menu throughout the day, featuring both Indonesian and international dishes. - Soka Pool Bar & Grill is a relaxed poolside restaurant that serves light snacks, grilled dishes, and refreshing beverages. - The resort also houses Sakura Japanese Restaurant, serving authentic Japanese cuisine, and The Kopi Pot, a coffee shop offering a selection of coffees, pastries, and cakes. - Room service is available for guests who prefer to dine in the privacy of their rooms. Overall, the Bintang Bali Resort provides a luxurious accommodation experience with comfortable rooms, stunning views, and a range of dining options to enhance guests' stay in Kuta, Indonesia.


The Bintang Bali Resort is a stunning beachfront hotel located in Kuta, Indonesia. Situated on the popular island of Bali, this resort offers guests a perfect blend of luxury, relaxation, and natural beauty. The highlight of the resort is its breathtaking beach, which stretches for miles along the coast. With fine white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters, the beach at Bintang Bali Resort is truly a tropical paradise. Guests can enjoy leisurely walks along the shore, soak up the sun on comfortable lounge chairs, or take a dip in the sea to cool off. The beach is not only perfect for relaxation, but it also offers a variety of exciting water sports and activities. Guests can try their hand at surfing the famous waves of Kuta, enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving to explore the vibrant underwater world, or go on thrilling jet ski rides. The resort also provides equipment rental and lessons for those who want to try these activities for the first time. For those who prefer a more serene beach experience, the resort offers private cabanas and umbrellas, ensuring ultimate comfort and privacy. These shaded spots are perfect for couples seeking a peaceful retreat or families wanting to spend quality time together while enjoying the stunning ocean views. Besides the beach, the Bintang Bali Resort also boasts a lagoon-style swimming pool surrounded by lush tropical gardens. This oasis provides a serene escape from the ocean and is perfect for relaxation and soaking up the sun. The poolside bar offers a range of refreshing drinks and snacks, allowing guests to indulge in ultimate relaxation. The resort's location in Kuta also means convenient access to nearby attractions and vibrant nightlife. Guests can explore the bustling markets, trendy boutiques, or sample the delicious local cuisine in the surrounding area. The resort also offers various dining options, including beachfront restaurants serving a wide array of international and local dishes. Overall, the Bintang Bali Resort in Kuta, Indonesia offers a perfect beach getaway for travelers seeking a combination of luxury, serenity, and adventure. With its stunning beach, impressive facilities, and convenient location, this resort promises an unforgettable vacation experience.


The Bintang Bali Resort in Kuta, Indonesia offers a range of activities and amenities for kids. Some of the attractions and facilities for kids include:

1. Kids Club: The resort has a dedicated Kids Club, where children can engage in various supervised activities, including games, crafts, and educational programs.

2. Swimming Pools: The resort has multiple swimming pools, including a separate pool for kids. Children can enjoy swimming and playing in the water.

3. Playground: Bintang Bali Resort has a playground area equipped with slides, swings, and other play structures for children to enjoy.

4. Children's Menu: The resort's restaurants offer a special children's menu with a variety of kid-friendly meals and snacks.

5. Babysitting Services: The resort provides babysitting services upon request, allowing parents to have some free time while their children are looked after by trained professionals.

6. Beach Activities: As the resort is located near the beach, kids can enjoy building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, or engaging in other beach activities. It's important to note that specific activities and amenities can vary, so it's recommended to contact the resort directly to inquire about the current offerings for kids.


There are several entertainment options near the Bintang Bali Resort in Kuta, Indonesia. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Waterbom Bali: This waterpark is located just a short distance from the hotel and offers a range of thrilling water slides and attractions for all ages.

2. Kuta Beach: Located right in front of the Bintang Bali Resort, Kuta Beach is a popular spot for surfing, swimming, and experiencing the vibrant beach culture. You can relax on the sandy shore or watch the beautiful sunset.

3. Beachwalk Shopping Center: This upscale shopping mall is situated just a short walk away from the hotel. It offers a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, and a cinema complex for entertainment.

4. Discovery Shopping Mall: Another nearby mall, Discovery Shopping Mall, offers a selection of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment options such as a cinema.

5. Hard Rock Café: Situated in the Kuta area, the Hard Rock Café is a famous music venue where you can enjoy live performances and a vibrant atmosphere.

6. Sky Garden Bali: Known for its nightlife, Sky Garden Bali is a multi-level club with various themed rooms, live DJs, and weekly events. It is a popular spot for those looking to dance and enjoy the nightlife scene.

7. Poppies Lane: Located near Kuta Beach, Poppies Lane is a famous narrow street filled with shops, bars, restaurants, and street vendors. Visitors can enjoy shopping for souvenirs, dining, or experiencing the vibrant nightlife. These are just a few entertainment options near the Bintang Bali Resort in Kuta, Indonesia. There are many other attractions, restaurants, and entertainment venues to explore in the area as well.

Water activities

The Bintang Bali Resort in Kuta, Indonesia offers various water activities for its guests. At the resort's pool area, guests can indulge in leisurely swimming, sunbathing on the poolside loungers, or simply relaxing in the poolside cabanas. The pool is surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere. For those who prefer the beach, the resort is conveniently located just a short walk away from the iconic Kuta Beach. Guests can enjoy building sandcastles, taking a dip in the clear blue waters, or trying their hand at various water sports such as surfing, paddleboarding, or parasailing. Bintang Bali Resort also offers a range of water activities organized by the onsite tour desk. Guests can go on snorkeling or diving trips to explore the vibrant underwater world of Bali's surrounding islands. Boat tours to nearby locations like Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida can be arranged as well. Whether you prefer a relaxing day by the pool or an adventurous beach excursion, the Bintang Bali Resort provides plenty of options to make the most of your water activities during your stay.

Top questions

1. Where is Bintang Bali Resort located? Bintang Bali Resort is located in Kuta, Indonesia.

2. What are the nearby attractions to Bintang Bali Resort? The nearby attractions to Bintang Bali Resort include Kuta Beach, Waterbom Bali, Discovery Shopping Mall, and Kuta Art Market.

3. What are the amenities offered at Bintang Bali Resort? Bintang Bali Resort offers amenities such as an outdoor pool, spa, fitness center, restaurants, bars, room service, free Wi-Fi, a business center, and conference facilities.

4. Are there any room options available at Bintang Bali Resort? Yes, Bintang Bali Resort offers various room options including Deluxe Rooms, Suites, and Pool Villas.

5. Is breakfast included during the stay at Bintang Bali Resort? Yes, breakfast is included in the stay at Bintang Bali Resort.

6. Does Bintang Bali Resort provide airport transportation? Yes, Bintang Bali Resort provides airport transportation for an additional fee.

7. Is Bintang Bali Resort suitable for families? Yes, Bintang Bali Resort is suitable for families as it offers family-friendly amenities and activities.

8. Does Bintang Bali Resort have a beachfront location? Yes, Bintang Bali Resort has a beachfront location with direct access to Kuta Beach.

9. Are there any restaurants or dining options available at Bintang Bali Resort? Yes, Bintang Bali Resort has multiple restaurants and dining options offering a variety of cuisines.

10. Is Bintang Bali Resort a pet-friendly hotel? No, Bintang Bali Resort does not allow pets.

All services and amenities

Entertainment and relaxation
  • Bar / Lounge
  • Massage
  • Massage / Beauty Centre
  • Body Treatments
  • Tennis Courts
  • Beach Soccer and Volleyball
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Garden
  • Poolside Bar
  • Shops
Hotel Facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • WiFi
  • Restaurant
  • Parking
  • Currency Exchange
  • Elevator / Lift
  • 24-Hour Reception
  • Concierge
  • Multilingual Staff
  • Designated Smoking Area
  • Souvenirs/Gift Shop
  • Ballroom
  • Banquet Facilities
  • Meeting Rooms
Room Facilities
  • Air Conditioned
  • Safe-Deposit Box
  • Coffee / Tea Maker
  • Hair Dryer
  • TV
  • Cable / Satellite TV
  • En suite
  • Shower
  • Private Bathroom
  • Desk
Extra services
  • Airport shuttle
  • Laundry service
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Luggage Storage
  • Tour Desk
  • Valet Parking
Water activities
  • Swimming pool
  • Spa & Wellness Centre
For families with kids
  • Babysitting / Child Services
  • Playground
  • Kids Club
  • Child Pool
  • Supervised child care/activities
  • Highchairs
Beach type
  • Private beach
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